On 29 June, actor Jung Kyung Ho appeared on tvN’s variety show, Life Bar and the spotlight surrounding him is his long-term relationship with Sooyoung.

Jung Kyung Ho’s facial expression just can’t his happiness in a relationship. When the MC asked, still sweet after 5 years of relationship right? Jung Kyung Ho replied: “It still hasn’t been a long time.” The MC continued and asked: “Back then, will you be overly cautious because she is from Girl Generation? Jung Kyung Ho: “I feel sorry to Soo Young, although I talked for 3 to 4 hours about my production, but if I mention Soo Young for like 10sec, that will become a news instead, so I’m cautious.” This time before I appear on this show, I called Soo Young.

He further adds on: “before appearing on the show, I call Soo Young to express my cautious.” But unlike Jung Kyung Ho’s worry, Soo Young asks him to wear something nice to the recording even give some style advice.

MC Hee Chul who is from the same agency as Soo Young revealed that: “Our agency, SM Entertainment encouraged the artists who are dating to look up to Soo Young’s relationship which respects each other.”

Seems like Soo Young and Jung Kyung Ho has become the role models for SM artists.