Have you ever experienced squeezing at the rock zone and hoping to get a great spot for the concert? If you’re not tall enough or is not standing at a great spot, the chance of getting block by others are really high.

On 1 & 2 July, top 35 trainees held Produce 101 Season 2 Finale concert and lots of fans swarmed the venue to give support to their favourite trainee. BUT, another hot topic after the concert was the individual’s hair in a bun was cut by someone as she blocked the person’s view.

The viral photo shows a clump of hair and a small silver scissor on the concert floor. Right after the viral post, many have started to question regarding the security check: “why is the scissor is allowed to bring into the venue?” If the scissor is allowed then will there be another victim next time?

Nowadays, is just scary that you style yourself prettily to the concert but it ended to be a disaster. Be calm and talk to those who surround you. Communication is better than harmful action.