Episode 1 of drama The Bride of the Water God ended with the beautiful background where the Water God, Habaek (starring by Nam Joo Hyuk) will grant something to his servant.

Human who received the bestow divine blessing from the Water God will become loyal to him and will serve as the servant of the God and so, Habaek kissed Soo-A (starring by Shin Se-Kyung) in order to awaken her mission/accord to help him while he’s there.

“If you did not receive the bestow, you will undergo the tribulations”, said Habaek. However, Soo-A, as the normal human is shocked at his action and thinks that Habaek is a psycho. But the master-servant relationship actually led each other.

Habaek lost his power when he’s on the earth, the moment the Beggar God hugged and kissed him what will happen to the Water God, Habaek? The Beggar God has the lowest rank in the Water Country, those who met him will have bad things surround them and HaBaek even kissed him~ (ps: meaning that something bad will be coming up in the next episode?)

In the next teaser, Gong Myung and Krystal finally appear! By watching the teaser, seems like Krystal will act as one of the bad characters in the drama. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Photo source: tvN Drama