Breaking news for the day definitely is Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo. Even previous hit drama Descendants of the Sun featuring the couple is back to the top search word on Naver.

The marriage announcement of the top star, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo not only surprised the fans but also the public in general. Fans found out that there are Song-Song couple photos that actually hinting that they will be getting married and not the hint became truth.

After both revealed their relationship, those who are closed with the couples also shared some insider stories to us. Song Joong Ki recently is busy for movie The Battleship Island promotion and the production team revealed that Song Joong Ki actually told the director about his marriage way earlier. Because they bet the marriage new will become a hot issue, so the hope this will not bring a negative influence to the movie.

Best friend of the Song-Song Couple revealed that two of them started to date after Descendants of the Sun shooting but they denied all the rumours because Song Joong Ki wanted to protect her girlfriend. Both of them think that dating is actually a private matter but they have no intention to hide it just did not admit or strongly deny. This time, after both of their agreement, they decided to announce their marriage news which they think is at a right timing.

Mother of Song Joong Ki revealed her opinion regarding her future daughter¬†in law, Song Hye Gyo which she said: “Is great and I’m happy.” and the opinion from the father in law: “My son is getting married soon, although Song Hye Gyo is older than my son but my son loves her so much, so as parents we respect his decision.”Now, when we look back Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo’s personal SNS, there are actually many photos of two of them. Too lovely to describe the photos, can’t wait to see the top visual Song’s family~

Aren’t they look adorable when they are young?