Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo respectively posted a statement to their fans. Song Joong Ki revealed that they have promised to spend their lives together in the beginning of 2017.

Song Joong Ki posted a statement on his fan cafe stated: “Hi everyone, This is Joong Ki. It was such an honour to participate in a production that could let me shine and able to meet a precious friend who understands each other and eventually became lover. In the beginning of 2017, we promised to spend our lives together. We will face our difficulties together and replace our shortage with love. In order to begin a new life, I decided to marry Ms. Song Hye Gyo on 31 October. Although I wanted to everyone earlier, but I had to be cautious as it not only involved two people but the two families. I hope this won’t cause any trouble to the people involved in my upcoming people. Moving forward I will work hard to become a great actor and a reliable head of my family. Please continue to support us. Thank you.”

Song Hye Kyo also posted a statement to her fans: “Many of you would be surprised when heard of this news and many think would think I have lacked consideration but I hope you will understand me.” At first, Joong Ki is just a colleague to me but when we filmed for the same production, I discovered he has the same value as me which we could talk anything together. He was a good colleague and friend, after the drama shooting, we continued to contact and keep in touch with one another and so we get to know each other more.”

Right after the Song-Song couple engagement announcement, fans first reaction was: “Is she pregnant?”, both agencies denied the rumour and said currently Song Hye Gyo is not pregnant.

Let’s send our wishes to the couple!