In May, Kim Woo Bin’s agency announced the shocking news that Kim Woo Bin is diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. Kim Woo Bin previously agreed to join the upcoming remake movie, Overheard but his current condition just not suitable to join the shooting.

BUT! The production team of the movie decided to delay the shooting and wait for Kim Woo Bin (after his therapy) instead of changing the cast.

Initially, the movie shooting is set to be in August, but director Choi Dong Hoon decided to delay the shooting as he thinks Kim Woo Bin is his first choice for the movie cast. He further reveals that the movie preparation/ character is actually based on Kim Woo Bin. When we heard that he is diagnosed with cancer, we still think that is a must to have Kim Woo Bin in the movie, so we decided to delay our current schedule until Kim Woo Bin fully recover.

They are such as sweet production team! We hope Kim Woo Bin a speedy recovery and able to back to the big screen soon!