On 5 July, Yoon Cheol Jong, the guitarist of the Korean famous indie band, 10cm announced to leave the group.

10cm debuted in 2010 with 2 members, the vocalist Kwon Jung Yeol and the guitarist Yoon Cheol Jong. The name of the group refers to the height difference between the two members. On 5 July, Magic Strawberry Sound announced on FB that: “Yoon Cheol Jung will be leaving the group due to personal health issue. No new member will be joining, thus, Kwon Jung Yeol will be promoting alone with the group name 10cm.”


Starting from 2009, 10cm performed in several clubs in Hongdae and officially debut in 2010 and released the hit song America in August.

10cm will comeback with new album this coming August, we hope fans give Kwon Jung Yeol lots of support and love! Let us rewind some of 10cm’s classic songs:

Americano, the song that will keep repeating in your mind once you listened to it. Do you know that the song is actually for TV CF? It became such a hit song in Korea which almost everyone knows how to sing it.

Last year, they released “What’s the Spring?” which conveyed the feelings of the soloist out there.

They also participated in drama Goblin’s OST. If you watched the drama, you definitely know the song, My Eyes.

At last year SAF Gayo Festival, 10CM, EXO’s Chanyeol, Black Pink’s Rose and Twice’s Jihyo collaborated and performed “Whistle”, “TT’ and “Monster”. They rearranged the song and the acoustic version was a hot topic during that time.

10CM also collaborated with SNSD’s Yoona. Do you remember Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway?

Hug Me, a sweet song with the cute lyrics: On that rainy night, under the same umbrella. You promised to give me something, have you forgotten? You promised to give me something when I stumble, have you forgotten? Give me, just give me a hug now.”

There are many lively songs from 10cm but not to forget their hit ballad song as well. Stalker is a must to listen too.

Thanks 10CM for bringing all the great music to us. Wish them all the best! Best wishes to the new album!