This year definitely is a great year in the entertainment industry which all good news announced such dating, marriage and more announcement. Back in 2016, SNSD’s Tiffany and singer, Gray have rumoured to be dating but yesterday (7 July), the dating news resurfaced again!

According to the insider, he/she revealed that Tiffany and Gray started to date since 2015 and have been secretly dating for nearly 3 years! Tiffany went to AOMG for her solo album’s meeting and through that, she gets to know Gray.

He/she further revealed that most of the Hip Hop singers know Tiffany and Gray’s relationship¬†and both of them fall for each other at the first sight. Their dating rumour surfaced for the first time back in January 2016.¬†At the time, both sides said they were just friends.

AOMG and SM Entertainment have both denied the rumours, saying that Tiffany and Gray are just close colleagues.