Singer IU who is young and talented is most of the junior idols’ model. Previously, she mentioned that she wanted to collaborate with Black Pink’s Rose.

When Black Pink appeared on the recent episode of the variety show Weekly Idol, the MC brought up the news and Rose is shocked and excited at the same time.

IU had an interview in April and during the interview with Dingo Music, she has been asked: “Which female singer that she wished the collaborate the most?” IU answered: “Black Pink’s Rose” (Check out the video starting from 5:03)

On 5 July, the broadcast on MBC Every1’s Weekly Idol, Rose said: “My father sent a message that IU wanted to collaborate with me in the group chat, and I just can’t believe it.” Rose continued and said: “At the end, my father sent the video to me to prove that IU did say┬áthat.”

Rose sang the chorus of IU’s You and I.┬áCheck out the video at below:

It would be great if we can see both of their collaboration, Rose’s unique voice with IU’s dreamy and sweet voice.