Within 2 years of their debut, GFriend showed their talents and unique style which attracted many hardcore fans (Buddy) to support. Today, GFriend announced their 1st official fanclub recruitment, let’s check out the info.

The announcement is made via Yes24 and GFriend’s Official Fan cafe.

Starting from 11 August, those who paid the fanclubs fees will officially become GFriend’s fan. Fans who paid will be able to enjoy the priorities to join the pre-sale to concert, fans meeting, showcase and will also receive official fanclub’ card and merchandises. There are more exclusive benefits are just for you.

No age, race limited, if you like GFriend, you may register as a member. You will also receive GFriend’s polaroid photo with signature if the last number of your membership card is one of the special numbers. Buddy is time to show your support!

Photo source: The Source Music, Yes24