There’s a section of variety show Knowing Brother where the MCs and the guests will transform into different characters.

This time, Super Junior’s Hee Chul acted as HeeMi, the prettiest from the school and others wanted to become ‘her’ boyfriend, so ‘she’ came out with a list of criteria and the members will need to compete to win ‘her’ heart. And Hee Chul has an awesome talent which he can guess the song just by listening from the start.

Previously, when PSY appeared on Knowing Brother, he also lost to Hee Chul. This time, Hee Chul challenged the same mission again:

As soon as the music played, Hee Chul able to guess the song, the singer even the year it released! The speed of Hee Chul answering the question is faster than we find it from the Internet. We would say he is definitely the walking music dictionary which is unbeatable.

The latest episode of Knowing Brother is full of laughter, do check it out and the guests are CNBlue’s Yonghwa and BlockB’s Zico