Recently Korea did a survey about “Which is the artist you would like to go vacation with?” via the Internet, who knows the always 1st place Park Bo Gum has dropped to 2nd place, who surpassed our always No.1 Bogum…?

The survey is based on 1442 readers and the 1st place received up to 80% votes! According to the voting result, artists who received 2% votes are: Red Velvet’s Irene, Gugudan’s Kim Se Jeong, Dia’s Jung Chae Yeon, IU, BTS’s Jung Kook, EXO’s Xiumin and Gong Yoo:

AOA’s Seolhyun who received 3% ranked 3rd place:

Park Bo Gum received 9% and ranked 2nd place:

And out of the 1442 readers, 80% of the votings which is 1157 people have voted the ‘Wink Guy’ in Produce 101, Park Ji Hoon, currently a member of Wanna One. The survey is surveyed through a maths tuition class website, so we can see Park Ji Hoon’s popularity among the teens.

BTW, the survey is based on the website, not from our own opinion 🙂

Photo source: Wanna One Official Twitter, Seolhyun’s IG, Park Bo Gum’s Twitter