SBS’s Hanbam TV welcomes Song Joong Ki who recently announced his engagement! Song Joong Ki talks about her future wife Song Hye Kyo with full of love.

The interview was taking place while it was raining, sweet Song Joong Ki concerned of the reporters who conducts the interview under the rain. As the reporters get wet under the rain so Song Joong Ki asked his manager not to carry the umbrella.

Song Joong Ki shared his current feelings and said: “Of course I’m nervous. This is my first experience (marriage) and it is good news, so hope everyone wishes us.”

Previously, Song Joong Ki only promoted and talked about his upcoming movie The Battleship Island but this time he finally opens up to talk abut his future wife: Song Hye Gyo told me not to nervous and tell me to film the program well.”

Song Joong Ki reveals that Song Hye Gyo: “She’s calm, comprehensive, and a person who gave me good influence. To me, she’s my senior who taught me lots of things and gave me great energy.”

When being asked, what’re the nicknames they have for one another, Song Joong Ki shyly answered: “Is the same like other couples, we sometimes will call each other ‘Dear (Jagiya)’. And now we’re getting married soon, so we are more discreet when addressing each other.”

Lastly, Song Joong Gi said: “Many fans have sent their wishes, worried about me and support me. I truly appreciate that. Moving forward, not only from work, I will show my best as an individual and show everyone the best of me.”

Photo source: Hanbam TV