Lisa who is full of charisma when performing on stage but extremely cute during broadcast.

Lisa from Thailand is YG first foreign member who joined the company. On 10th, BLACKPINK appeared on Jung Yo Mi’s radio broadcast, FM Date and Lisa revealed that: ” I joined the YG Entertainment audition in Thailand because I am a huge fan of YG.” She added: “I love to dance since young and I used to watch a lot BIGBANG and 2NE1’s dance performances.”

There’s no doubt that Lisa has great dancing skills, no matter the onstage dance performance or the dance video performance. The members even complimented Lisa’s Korean proficiency: “She’s really good in Korean and she understands everything that we¬†have said.”

BLACKPINK recently comeback with ‘As If It’s Your Last’ and is currently active in appearing on various variety and radio programs. Previously fans who shout out to YG boss and hope to BLACKPINK to appear on variety show, Knowing Brother is now coming true! BLACKPINK confirmed to join Knowing Brother’s shooting on 13th July, stay tuned for the broadcast.

Photo source: MBC, IG@blackpinkofficial