CN Blue’s Kang Min Hyuk recently appeared as a guest on Video Star and during the show, MCs asked: “Who’s the ‘S’ female idol who drank the expensive champagne with you?”

On the July 11 episode of Video Star, Park Soo Hong, CN Blue’s Kang Min Hyuk, Din Din and Park Jae Jung appeared on the show. MC Park Na Rae asked Min Hyuk regarding the female idol who drank the champagne with him at Thailand. Kim Sook added: “Is it Suzy? or Seolhyun?”

Kang Min Hyuk replied: “I drank with Son Naeun because my bandmate Jungshin and Naeun did a drama (Cinderella and the Four Knights) together, during that time, we were in Thailand so we met up and drank champagne together.” He continued and said: “My mum called me the next day and asked me if I had spent money aboard, the champagne is 60,000 baht which is 2 million in won (around USD1758).” 

As soon as the program aired, Kang Min Hyuk story has charted the search engine, fans commented: “A champagne worth 2 Mil?”

Photo source: Video Star