Lee Kwang Soo and Jeon So Mi have the titles as the betrayer brother-sister, the crazy couple and their romance atmosphere only last for 5 seconds.

Running Man recent episodes are full of laughter, which the couple race competition that invited lots of guests. The recent episodeĀ ‘Protecting I Go Sticker (A Thief Among Us)’, without guest and members compete with each other.

By watching Running Man, you will know the relationship between the Asia Prince Lee Kwang Soo and the crazy kid Jeon So Min. Previously their relationship is more than just an intimate friends but as he gets to know Jeon So Min’s character, the loving atmosphere will disappear.

In the latest episode, Jeon So Mi voiced out to help Yang Se Chan from beaten by Kwang Soo and Kwang Soo told So Mi: “OPPA will beat softer…” So, So Mi with high hopes but Kwang Soo….:

Out of So Mi’s expectation, Kwang Soo hits really hard. No gender difference when playing games, so when is Kwang Soo turns to has the forehead hit, Jeon So Mi’s revenge time and she hits really hard as well. Is really funny to see the love-hate relationship between both of them~

Is really great to see the harmonies between the members~ Look at how the members taking care of each other, hope Running Man will run for a long period of time.

Photo source: SBS Running Man