GOD’s Park Joon Hyung recently appears as a guest on the variety show Life Bar and revealed behind the story when collaborating with actress Song Hye Gyo through a sitcom, Soonpoong Clinic.

On 13 July broadcast, tvN variety show Life Bar invited GOD’s Park Joon Hyung and Son Ho Young as the guests.
They revealed the story when Park Joon Hyung starring in a sitcom called Soonpoong Clinic. Son Ho Young said: “Thanks to Joon Hyung, I used to go the shooting venue and play. Song Hye Gyo also visited our dorm and she’s really pretty.”

Park Joon Hyung added: “During that time, Hye Gyo was in high school and always came to work in school uniform. She knew I didn’t have a manager, so often asked me to go out and have meal together. She’s really kind.”

Photo Source: tvN