Infinite Challenge ‘Real Men’ Special episode, where the members re-experiencing their military training days. Will the ajjushi members with an average age of 35 able to endure the intensive training?

Infinite Challenge recently revealed the upcoming teaser and stated: “I wanted to perform well and wanted to receive compliments. Myungsoo Hyung (brother), how to perform better than now?”

From the photo, Park Myung Soo is nervous when facing the shooting training. Unlike the image we used to see, Park Myung Soo totally changed while filming this special episode.

Also, they experienced the daily life as┬áthe biotech army, wearing the army uniform under the hot weather and wearing the gas masks. The production team stated: “To welcome the opening of biotech room, the water park is officially opened! where the tears, snivel, any liquid will flow out!” Yoo Jae Suk challenged the biotech room and the most masculine picture of him has been captured.

Photo source: Infinite challenge