UEE previous has denied the report of her dating Kangnam but today, both UEE and Kangnam’s agencies have confirmed that they are in a relationship for 3 months!

UEE agency revealed that: ” We apologise for not giving the correct information and causing the confusion as UEE currently is filming for the drama so as she is concerned that it would negatively affect the drama.”

The reason why they denied and confirmed their relationship, the agency stated: “UEE and Kangnam just began their relationship with positive feelings, so they were cautious by the sudden news. Also, UEE just started to film her upcoming drama, so she is worried that it will negatively affect the drama. It was originally not confirmed the news in consideration for each other but they decided to admit it after discussion. We hope everyone looks upon them warmly and support their upcoming activities.”

Kangnam’s agency also confirmed the dating news: “Both of them have been dating for 3 months, previously we gave no comments because to considerate of the other side.”

Previously, some media reported they have dated for 3 months and the became closer through Law of the Jungle. Right after UEE’s agency denied the news, followed by Kangnam’s agency who stated: “This is the artist personal matter which is difficult for us to confirm officially.” But ‘D’ media released both of their dating photos which include hugging as well. Then only UEE confirms the relationship through her agency.

UEE previously dated Lee Sang Hoon for a year and broke up in January. Also, left After School and changed agency in May. Currently is actively filming for KBS’s upcoming drama Manhole. Kangnam debuted in 2011 as a member of M.I.B, currently is active as a solo singer and also active in various variety shows.