Red Velvet, “the legendary transfer student”, said the brothers. Last year, out of 5 members, 4 have appeared on variety show Knowing Brother and showed their outstanding variety skills. This time they will return to the show as 5!

On 15 July, Red Velvet will appear on JTBC’s Knowing Brother. Last year Irene was not able to join due to drama shooting.

In the recent teaser, Red Velvet received warm welcome from the brothers and stay tuned to the full of surprises episode.

Last time, when they appeared on the show, Wendy praised Kang Ho Dong: “I think Kang Ho Dong is really a good person.” This compliment actually made Kang Ho Dong started to learn to praise others as well, and so the word “high compliment” (아주 칭창해) has become popular!

Check out the teaser as below:

Photo & video source: JTBC