Song Mino has brought a lot of laughter in the previous episode of variety show Journey to the West 4.

The game for last week is the fighting for chair game, a little different is the members are covered with a triangle cap that has limited visibility. As the chair is orange colour, so Lee Soo Geun focusing on the cameraman’s orange pants and thought that is the chair. This chair game is often played in Korea especially during welcome parties or group activities.

This week also will continue the dinner mission which is not complete in last week episode. This time, the members need to guess the artist name by looking at the pictures. If they get the answer wrong, they will need to add a scoop of Vietnam chilli (which is really spicy) in the ramen soup!  When comes to Song Mino’s turn to answer, Lee Jong Suk’s photo appears and he answers: “Kim….Ki Deuk?” After he found out then he sadly says: “He’s from our company! Our company!”

The production team even put Kim Ki Deuk movie director details. Kyuhyun laughs at Mino and says: “You! Wants to be selected in the casting!” Lee Soo Geun also questions: “you didn’t know who he is although both of you from the same company?” Song Mino then answers: “He is from the actor department, mine is different from the actor department.”

So after 9 rounds, they finally able to eat the ramen. We are really curious how spicy it would be!

Photo source: tvN