August will welcome the month of Girls’ Generation debut 10th Anniversary. In line with the anniversary, Girls’ Generation will release their new album after 2 years, also will meet the fans through a Fan Meeting!

SNSD and SM Entertainment are preparing 10th Anniversary Project, one of it is releasing the 6th album. On 5 August, SNSD will hold Fan Meeting at Seoul Olympic Park to celebrate the 10th anniversary with the fans.

The unlimited great songs from the group and sub-units!

The uncountable famous songs such as ‘Gee’, ‘Oh!’, ‘Genie’, ‘Run Devil Run’, ‘Mr.Mr’. One of the classic songs definitely is the debut song ‘Into The New World’. SNSD officially debut at Inkigayo on 5 August in 2007. As soon as their debut, they received New Artists award at Golden Disk Award, Seoul Gayo Daesang and PaekSang Arts Awards.

The debut MV which showed the youthful SNSD!

In 2012, SNSD created sub-unit group TaeTiSeo and released ‘Twinkle’, ‘Holler’, ‘Dear Santa’ which received great responses. They also created their own reality show TaeTiSeo.

Tae Yeon, Tiffany and Seo Hyun shined bright in Twinkle MV.

Every member started their individual activities and received good results!

Yoona joined several movies and dramas such as ‘The K2’ starring with actor Ji Chang Wook, also participated in China-Korea collaboration drama ‘God of War Zhao Yun’, movie ‘Confidential Assignment’ and also the most recent drama ‘The King Loves’ starring with Im Si Wan and Hong Jong Hyun. Seohyun, on the other hand, has participated in various musicals such as ‘Gone with the Wind’, ‘Mamma Mia’ and also joined the drama ‘Scarlet Heart’. This year even released solo debut album ‘Don’t Say No’.

Tiffany sang OST for the dramas ‘To the Beautiful You’, ‘BLOOD’ and last year May released her solo album ‘I Just Wanna Dance’. Hyoyeon who is specialised in dancing became one of the instructors for ‘Dancing 9’ and showed her outstanding dancing skills via ‘Hit The Stage’.

Yuri also participated in various dramas such as ‘Neighbourhood Hero’, ‘Fashion King’ and also active in variety shows such as ‘Our Neighbourhood Arts and Physical Education’, ‘Law of the Jungle’ and more. Soo Young joined dramas such as ‘My Spring Days’ and is one of the main leads in drama ’38 Revenue Collection Unit.” Currently, Soo Young is having a stable relationship with her boyfriend and have received lots of wishes from the fans.

Sunny who is active in various sectors ranging from musicals, variety shows to radio program ‘FM Date’. Taeyeon however is active on her solo album activities and released the hit songs ‘I’, ‘Fine, ‘Rain’, ’11:11′, ‘My Voice’ and more.

In conjuction with SNSD 10th Anniversary project, they collaborated with fashion magazine and had the retro style photoshoot.

The staff even uploaded a photo of the members with a huge 10th Anniversary cake.

Before their new album release, SNSD will hold 10th Anniversary Fan Meeting titled ‘Girls’ Generation 10th Anniversary – Holiday to Remember’. During the fan meeting, they will not only sing the songs that they have released in the past few years but had also prepared lots of events just for the fans.

Lastly, let’s rewind ‘Party’ which is one of the songs from their previous album.

Photo source: Girls’ Generation FB Fans Page, W Korea IG, Oricom Vice President IG’s Park Seowoon