MAMAMOO and Apink recently comeback with their latest album and surprisingly the leader of both groups recently became best friend. Solar even is Chorung first female celebrity.

On 13 July, Apink appeared as a guest on MBC FM4U, Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon.

Choroung answered to the question of whether recently she had became friends with any celebrity. Choroung answered MAMAMOO’s Solar: “This is my first time, I never had a female celebrity friend in 7 years.” Eunji then said: “This is my first time to see Onni (sister) asked for people’s number.”

Chorong further revealed that: “BTOB’s Changsub asked me whether I am sad without a girl friend, so he introduced Solar to me and said we can become friend.” She added:” But that time was too sudden, so I was shy so I just awkwardly greeted her but not that close.”

Luckily both group comeback at the same time so Chorong has the chance to get closer with Solar: “This time our promotion is at the same time, so I took the courage and ask for her number, this is my first time doing this!”

Photo source: MBC