Last week, survival program ‘Idol School’ broadcasted the 1st episode and has received an average of 2.3% viewing rate. Have you watched it? If you have watched the show, you will not be familiar with Lee Seo Yeon who is the former 6-year trainee in YG Entertainment! She showed her dance when called by the class teacher, Kim Hee Chul.

When she’s the trainee in YG, Lee Seo Yeon appeared in GD & T.O.P ‘Knock Out’ MV. She’s the little girl who danced together with GD.

Back in 2012, YG has released a video titled ‘Future 2NE1’, there are 4 trainees in the video and performed outstanding dancing skills. Except SUA whom we are familiar with, the little girl who is wearing a white tee with short pants is Lee Seo Yeon. Check out the video:

But after the ‘Future 2NE1’ video released, there was no further announcement on the trainees. Lee Seo Yeon left YG and joined ‘Idol School’ to pursue her dream.

Previously, she did a cover of BLACKPINK’s ‘Stay’ and showed her singing and rap skills. Looking forward to her performance at Idol School.

Photo: Mnet, YG