MBC’s drama The Emperor: Master of the Mask which aired on every Wednesday and Thursday will mark its last episode this week. Recently Korea media has interviewed the main actress, Kim So Hyun who starring as Han Ga Eun.

In the beginning of the drama, Ga Eun is well-organised when doing things and has a well-behaved personality but as the story flows, Ga Eun’s character has changed as well. Ga Eun became indecisive and unfolds the love triangle with Crown Prince Lee Sun (starred by Yoo Seung Ho) and Lee Sun (starred by Kim Myung Soo). Ga Eun has created a lot of controversies between them. In the end, Lee Sun (starred by MyungSoo) was killed in order to save Ga Eun. The viewers responded: ‘Such a troublesome character.’

In responding to the comment, Kim So Hyun said: “Actually I am sad. Is not that I don’t understand Ga Eun’s action but for drama, it can’t just describe Ga Eun’s story only, so is understandable if others think she is troublesome as her mind is not fully described. I tried my best to immerse into the drama, studied the script and not missing out every single dialogue while filming the drama.

Kim So Hyun understands the important responsibility that the character has so she tried her best to make the character more lively. When So Hyun received the script, she was attracted by the character of Ga Eun who has ambition and yearn for freedom. She thinks Ga Eun has the charisma as a woman from Joseon Dystany and she had been trying her best to maintain the character like Ga Eun. But as the plot flows, Ga Eun’s personality changed and only seek for revenge. Kim So Hyun was confused and difficult to understand the Ga Eun who has changed the personality.

Kim So Hyun said: “I understand the feeling which Ga Eun wanted to find the person who killed her father. But is it important to keep complaining and finding the person who killed her father? I feel regret for this part.” The Emperor: Master of the Mask is a project which is kinda difficult for her and Kim So Hyun said she has lost her confidence and herself.

At the second half of the drama, I am fearful of the character and that’s sad that I can’t understand, even the viewers can’t understand as well. When there are some scenes which required me to laugh but I just can’t so I smile/laugh awkwardly. The more I acted I felt more difficult, so I asked for help from the seniors.

Kim So Hyun has invested a lot of her time and effort in this drama. She learnt to not only watch her own character but also learnt to know how the character influences others. Kim So Hyun has no intention to join for new drama, instead, she will take a rest and focusing on preparing for the exam to enter the university.

Photo source: TVDaily