Before became the idols in Korea, most of them experienced the longest period of time as a trainee and waiting to debut. Some of them trained for 15 years to debut and the shortest was 7 years. In contrast, there are also idols who trained for few months then able to debut. Check out these idols:

Apink’s Jung Eunji – 2 months

Eunji not only famous for her powerful voice but also her acting skills. We thought she trained for quite some time before debut but who knows is just 2 months being a trainee! In 2011, Jung Eunji was introduced by the academy to attend the audition and was accepted and became a trainee. That time was just a month away from Apink debut, so Eunji went for the audition and was accepted.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun – 3 months

Everybody know Kyuhyun is the last member who joined Super Junior right? Kyuhyun officially joined SJ in May of 2006 and the group added another vocalist.

EXO’s Baekhyun – 4 months

Isn’t SM trainees trained for the longest period? Jessica waited 7 years and a half year to debut. But, Baekhyun only trained for 4 months and successfully debut as an¬†EXO member. According to news, Baekhyun scouted by SM staff while on his way to the entrance test at Seoul University of Art, he received a call after few months and started his trainee life.

Miss A’s Suzy – 10 months

Suzy joined Super Star K and was scouted while on her way back from toilet to the broadcast lobby.

The criteria to be selected are able to sing, dance and good-looking. Suzy fits all the criteria and has the talent becoming an idol.

Bigbang’s Seungri – 10 months

Seungri was accepted through YG’s audition and has joined talent program in 2006.

That time Seungri almost dropped out from BigBangbecause compared to singing he was better in dancing. But at the end, YG thought his voice was not bad so selected him as the last member to join BigBang.

Wonder Girl’s Yerim – 0 Day

Yes, you are right there is no a mistake, Yerim debut and joined Wonder Girls right after accepted from the audition.

Photo source: Internet