Recently YG has actively participated in various activities and programs, this time, the mystery cafeteria will soon be revealed through a program?

Yesterday, media reported that YG Entertainment will collaborate with SBS and released a comedy web drama about the story of creating a co-ed idol group and YG cafeteria will be used as the background. SBS responds: “Is it real that there is a project of using YG cafeteria as the background for filming but it is still in discussion process and all the details are not confirmed.”

Not only fans who are curious on the mystery YG cafeteria but artists from other company are also interested about this cafeteria. There is an episode of the variety show Infinite Challenge where Jung Hyung Don and GD are having lunch at the cafeteria and when HAHA heard about that then he brought his partners, Jang Kiha & The Faces just to try the food! Even K-Pop Star contestants have been there for a meal.

Every time when YG artists appear on any variety show or activity, the only question that often been asked is about the YG Cafeteria. Previously when Dara appear as a guest on variety show Food Meeting, she expressed: “I love YG Cafeteria.” However, when Lee Jong Suk attended drama ‘W’ Press conference, he also mentioned that: “The food is not that tasty as I thought but the spicy fried port is really delicious.”

Photo source: MBC, SBS, tvN, website