f(x)’s Krystal (starring as Moora) begs for forgiveness in the most recent episode of tvN’s drama ‘The Bride of the Water God.’

On 18 July which broadcasted the 6th episode of drama The Bride of the Water God, Habaek (starring by Nam Joo Hyuk) found that Moora (starring by Krystal) and Biryum (starring by Gong Myung) lost the God stones.

Moora then quickly explained to Habaek: they fought and the stones were accidentally lost during that time. Moora then used her aegyo (cuteness) and said: “all these are because of Biryum, Hooye is weird when he came and trying to stop us from fighting with each other.” Check out how adorable is Krystal in the recent episode.

Moora felt sorry to Habaek, and so he hugged Habaek who is angry and said: “Sorry, Habaek.”

It is too cute to watch Moora who has the cool character and act cute and trying to beg for forgiveness.