Super Junior’s Khuhyun filmed the variety show Journey to the West 4 before entering the military, so at the most recent episode, he told the production team: Call me back after I discharged from the military in 2019, but one of my criteria is the program must be as famous as now!”

The episode that broadcasted on 18 July, the alcoholic Khuhyun needs to guess the names of the alcohol. And guess what, he proved that he’s the true lover of alcohol as the guess all the answers correct.

Then received a chance to make a wish, Khuhyun then said: “When the episode is aired, I think I have entered the military. I hope in 2019 when I discharged, everyone still remembers me and please call me back to here again.”

When Na PD was touched by his speech then Khuhyun said with much humour: “BUT! There’s a condition for me to return, the program must be the same like now which able to create buzz and must haves good editing skills.” And everyone burst into laughter.