Within 2 years, TWICE has released lots of hit songs such as ‘Cheer Up’, ‘TT’ and gained lots of fans from the locals and the international. Although they have such a high popularity but also received lots of questions regarding their capability to sing. Recently they received some comments during a LIVE performance in Japan.

Korea website has been surrounding with the comments of TWICE performance back in February in Japan. TWICE sang Knock Knock in piano version LIVE without any backup music and the only instrument is piano. The members also expressed: “This is our first time to sing LIVE with just only an instrument.”

Many have given some negative feedback towards their performance and said the note, the beat and the pronunciation is insufficient and should have more training. Some even go further and said: “Their singing is just like kindergarten kids, which the ability doesn’t fit the name as the top level girl group.

TWICE members have an average training period of 4 years and even survived through the survival program ‘SIXTEEN’. All the members have proved their ability and talents and successfully debut and also produced all the hit songs right after their debut. They even charted in all the music charts, Youtube and always ranked first whenever they have a comeback.

What do you think about their performance?

Original source: https://www.instiz.net/pt?no=4653287&page=1