There’s no doubt that actor Park Seo Joon has a good figure!

On 19 July, Park Seo Joon appeared on V Live and had the interview with Park Kyung Lim. Park Kyung Lim asked: “What you did after drama Fight For My Way ends?” Park Seo Joon answered: “We went on vacation to Jeju Island, I slept for 2 days at home, I can’t imagine I can sleep for that long. After the break, I will start ‘Midnight Runners’ movie promotion.”

He spoke out Kang Ha Neul who together starred in drama ‘Midnight Runners’, he said:” Now I understand why so many people have so many good things to talk about Kang Ha Neul, he is really kind, friendly and love to smile. Actually I’m older than him but I learnt many things from him. His acting is really good and the whole process while filming was really happy.”

In the interview, Park Seo Joon saw the photo of his previous drama ‘She Was Pretty’, Park Kyung Lim then asked: “Is really handsome, how do you train your shoulder? How broad is your shoulder?” Park Seo Joon then answered: “I did not measure my shoulder.” After listened to his answer, Park Kyung Lim then took the measurement and measure his shoulder: “Park Seo Joon’s shoulder is 56CM.” Park Seo Joon shyly respond when he listened to the result.

Park Seo Joon also reveals after Hwarang ended, I still remain contact with Hyungsik and Minho, and they said Taehyung really like the moment where BTS’s ‘FIRE’ was played during the opening of the boxing match. Is great to see the Hwarang casts still remain a good relationship!

Other than that, the movie Midnight Runners featuring Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul talks about two students at the police academy who involved in a kidnapping case. Both of them who are not an official polices but started to investigate the case. This is an action movie that shows the youthful story. It will be premiered on 9 August!

Photo source: VLive, IG@bn_sj2013, Midnight Runners