Yesterday noon, Song Joong Ki attended the press conference of his upcoming movie ‘The Battleship Island’. Song Joong Ki is full of love when talks about Song Hye Gyo!

The question about Song Hy Gyo is actually related to the Island. Song Joong Ki filmed the Battleship Island which told the story during the Japanese colonial era and Song Hye Gyo rejected an endorsement deal with a Japanese company that used forced labour in Hashima Island to expand their company.

To respond, Song Joong Ki said: “I found out Song Hye Gyo rejected an endorsement through news. I clapped for her from the bottom of my heart. If I received the invite, I will make the same decision as well. Now she (Song Hye Gyo) became the person I love, looking back to her past action, I am more assured that she made a great decision.” Some fans said Song Joong Ki’s eyes are sending the heart shape when talks about Song Hye Gyo. ><

Other than that, So Ji Sub also revealed the reason of why he accepted the movie: “Actually I didn’t read the script before I accept the movie, I didn’t know who will be involving and only believe in director Ryu Seungwan¬†and made the decision to join the movie.”

Battleship Island is based on the history which talks about the Joseon workers who were forced by the Japanese to work as a labour at Hashima Island and trying to escape. The movie is set to premiere on 26 July featuring the main leads Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub, Song Joong Ki, Lee Jung Hyun and more.