Although the nation Triplets have left the variety show, Returns of the Superman but Daehan, Minguk and Manse still have lots of sisters and aunties’ fans. So, the father, Song Il Gook consistently update the Triplets’ daily lifestyle through SNS,

Recently, Song Il Gook received an interview, other than work, the triplets were mentioned as well.

Song Il Gook revealed, the triplets have different personalities and their preferences are different as well. He added the eldest son, Daehan and him actually are most alike no matter is the visual or attitude. Initially, he has no SNS but considers the fans and audiences who wanted to know the triplets’ recent activity and the growth’s journey, so I opened the SNS. Hope through this able to share with everyone the story of the triplets.  

Song Il Gook smiles while sharing the story of what happened in recent breakfast with the kids. He said: “Look at father, I eat fast.” but guess what Minguk replied: “You’re Pig Zodiac, of course, will eat faster, however, we’re Dragon Zodiac, so can’t eat fast.”  I lost to Minguk who just reach the age of 6. And Manse is popular among his aunts, the aunts’ profile picture has changed to our Manse, he really has the ability to let everyone fall for his charm.”

Photo source: Return of Superman