Today, Lee Jong Suk announced to not appear in Park Hoon Jung’s upcoming film ‘Witch’. Some have started to suspect is Lee Jong Suk turns down the offer to enlist the military? YG responds:

Lee Jong Suk’s agency, YG Entertainment stated: “Lee Jong Suk decided to take a break and not appear in film ‘Witch’. This year Lee Jong Suk is 28 and still has lots of time to prepare to enter the military. Currently, there’s no further details and decision regarding the military service.”

Witch is a film that talks about of a female high school student who trained through a human medical experiment to become a murder weapon. Director Park Hoon Jung has participated in various projects. He was the screenwriter of films I Saw the Devil and The Unjust, also directed films such as The Showdown, New World, The Tiger, V.I.P and more. Lee Jong Suk has also participated in the film, ‘V.I.P’ which will be premiere in August.

Photo source: Lee Jong Suk’s IG and more