Actor So Ji Sub upcoming movie, Battleship Island will be premiere next week and Song Joong Ki who collaborated with him on the movie has revealed his marriage, so recently when So Ji Sub had an interview, he was being asked about his ideal type.

HIGH CUT magazine recently revealed So Ji Sub’s poster and also the interview. So Ji Sub’s charisma photoshoot has attracted most of the women’s attention.

During the interview, So Ji Sub said: I attended action school for 2 months just to film ‘Battleship Island”. Many people thought I am good at it, but actually, my body is not synchronised, so I had practised a lot.

Also, So Ji Sub answered the questions regarding his ideal type: “For now, the only thing I hope is she is able to freely communicate with. From the generational point of view, it’s hard to fill in the gap. Sometimes, I may know something but the person wouldn’t know or vice versa.”