The long-awaited collaboration is now broadcasted!

Recently, EXO returned with it’s 4th album ‘The War’ and has appeared on JTBC’s variety show ‘Knowing Brothers. Super Junior’s Heechul and EXO’s Baekhyun performed “Sweet Dream” and the original singer, Min Kyung Hoon also joined the stage.

Hee Chul and Baekhyun sang really well, even impressed the members. During the chorus, Min Kyung Hoon joined and 3 of them performed the song. Check out the original version (MV) features Hee Chul and Min Kyung Hoon:

And now, Min Kyung Hoon’s table appeared a new name, which is Baekhyun~

Knowing Brothers PD revealed: “maybe the members did not appear in variety show for a long time, so during the filming, it is really interesting. So do watch it during your summer break!

Also, Hee Chul, Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Sehun revealed the photos during the filming via their personal Instagram. Seems like the members really had fun while filming the variety show!

Photo source: JTBC”s Knowing Brothers, SMTOWN, kimheenim, real__pcy, oohsehun, weareone.exo@Instagram