EXO appeared on 22nd July broadcast of JTBC’s Knowing Brothers. EXO who seldom appears on variety show has brought lots of laughter and all the members have shown their different talents, especially D.O’s special talent has become a hit topic.

Normally when idol appeared on variety show, they will perform their songs, dances or talent but D.O wrote “sticking phone protector” as his talent in the school entry application form. He even said “I stick really well.”  

So, D.O really showed his ‘talent’ on the spot and started to stick the phone protector. The members and MCs surrounded him and the MCs even took out their phones and asked D.O to stick it. He showed his satisfied expression when he sticks it well.

This special talent has attracted lots of attention and after the broadcast ends, D.O’s name has appeared in the top search. Even the production team added lots of cute CGs for D.O.

If you remember, actually sticking the phone protector is the things that D.O will do after he is drunk. So this time, he showed his ‘talent’ through the variety show which is really interesting. Fans even said this is the scene of the mobile shop’s oppa (brother) sticking the phone protector. We can’t stop laughing when watching the episode.