Drama Fight For My Way has received high ratings and comes to an end. The main actress, Kim Ji Won finally has the leisure time to go on a holiday. Look at how she indulges under the sun at Bali Island.

On 23 July, Kim Ji Won uploaded her Bali holiday photos at her Instagram. She looks lovely with the floral dress and the straw hat.

And, Julian Kang also posted a photo of him with Kim Ji Won at his Instagram with caption: “My sister has become prettier, no matter how popular she still remains the humble and warm attitude. I am so proud of her.” Kang Ji Won looks so tiny beside Julian Kang, and seems like she’s a fans of Julian with the signature flower post.”

Julian Kang and Kim Ji Won have collaborated in comedy drama ‘Highkick: Revenge of the Short Legged”. Their friendship started since then.

Photo source: Kim Ji Won/Julian Kang’s IG