Yesterday afternoon, movie Midnight Runners held media preview and featured the main leads Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul.

Midnight Runners is a movie that talks about the students from police academy who acccidentally witness a kidnapping case. Both of them work together and trying their best to investigate the case. Both of them starred as a student who preparing to become a police that has passion and justice. They grow through the investigation process and bring lots of laughter and touching scenes.

Director mentions that in the movie, we did not purposely add in the humour elements, it is created by situational and also thanks to the outstanding acting skills of the actors. The main leads are like friends who staying at the same town, just like a older brother. Most of the time Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul randomly add on their scripts and humours elements that fit the scene. It’s really interesting.

When asked about the highlights while filming, Park Seo Joon said: ” Director asks us to do burpee test and we did for 10 minutes. When I’m still thinking is the time to say ‘cut’ but it still continues, it seems like I’m back to the military.” Burpee test is the classic physical exercise test, does who done it, will know it’s really tiring even in 3 minutes. That’s why it gave a strong impression to the actors as they did for 10minutes.

Both actors non-stop praising one another, Kang Ha Neul said Park Seo Joon: “We became close when we first met before the movie films, I can’t tell what make us suddenly become so close, it’s just happen suddenly.” Park Seo Joon also said:”Kang Ha Neul able to accept every single subtles. Sometimes I’m relying on him.”

Midnight Runners will be premiere on 9 August, and Kang Ha Neul will enlist in the military on 11 September. This will be Kang Ha Neul last project before his enlistment~

Check out the video: