Fans and public have been actively focusing on the Song-Song couple, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo’s marriage. This time actress Lee Jung Hyun revealed this female singer will be singing at the couple’s wedding.

Lee Jung Hyun and Song Joong Ki have collaborated in movie Battleship Island which will be premiere soon. Lee Jung Hyun sat down for an interview to promote the movie, and naturally talked about the upcoming groom Song Joong Ki. Lee Jung Hyun revealed: “after knowing his marraige news, I jokingly tell him, I want to sing during his wedding and asks him whether want me to sing ‘Wa’ or ‘Change’, but who knows he told me he already found Ok Joo Hyun.”

When you hear of Ok Joo Hyun, first comes in mind would be linking her image as a yoga trainer. Actually she is a singer, a member of FIN.K.L which also includes Lee Hyori, Sung Yuri. Ok Joo Hyun even joined King of the Masked Singer and performed her high pitch singing skills and also appeared in several musicals.

Most recent variety show that she appeared on was Knowing Brothers. Check out her performance (starting from 1:20).

Photo source: King of the Masked Singer