Taeyang is back to variety show. He will be showing his daily lifestyle through I Live Alone!

BIBGBANG’s Taeyang has confirmed to appear on I Live Alone and will start shooting next week and it is expected to show in the mid-August. Many fans are looking forward after they received the news: “I’m really excited”, “Finally able to see Taeyang’s house”, “I Live Alone guests are getting stronger and stronger.”

I Live Alone is a variety show that shows the artist daily lifestyle by staying alone.

Taeyang currently is at US filming his new MV. Boss Yang Hyun Suk also shared the short video of Taeyang on his Instagram, Taeyang will return with blonde hair! Taeyang released his previous solo album ‘RISE’ in 2014, and many have curious on his comeback style as he will be returning after 3 years.

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Also, Taeyang will kick started his solo world tour ‘White Night’ in Seoul on 26 and 27 August.