Many fans are excited when seeing Red Velvet and BlackPink have attraction at the encore of Inkigayo. Seulgi even asked Jennie for a hug, Yeri hold Rose’s hand and turnaround, and Lisa danced ‘Red Flavor’.

On 25 July, Red Velvet appeared on radio program, Lee Soo Ji’s Song Plaza and Joy has mentioned about the meal with BLACKPINK. Joy said: “Rose just sat in front of me so we started talking about our mothers. It was my first time chatting with her but I cried a lot.”

Yeri added: “We went to BBQ, and all of us are happily chatting and having the BBQ, then suddenly found out Joy cried, so we were really shocked.”

Joy then explained: “Rose has such a warm heart, and listen to what I have said which is touching to me. I feel like this is fate, we really link-well with one another!” She also mentioned in the program: “Rose thank you very much.”

Red Velvet and BLACKPINK currently are promoting their latest album at music programs. Looking forward to both teams sharing more stories to us.

Photo source: SBS, KBS, IG@blackpinkofficial, IG@redvelvet.smtown