EXO’s leader, Suho just can’t control himself from dancing to girl group’s songs. Which girl group’s song that he always did the cover? Of course, is Red Velvet, the junior from the same company! His dance almost certified as the 6th member of Red Velvet ><

EXO was having a comeback on 20 July at M! Countdown, however, Red Velvet is the first place candidate of the day. After announcing, Red Velvet winning the first place, so the girls had an encore stage, and Suho who was just beside Red Velvet are waiting for the chorus and dance along with Red Velvet!

Check out Suho’s focus version when dancing to Red Velvet’ Red Flavor:

But what’s funny was, Chanyeol shocked by the active leader, and the remaining EXO members also walked away with the expression of ‘Look at the brother~~~’

Not only that, at last year ‘Melon Music Awards 2016’, Suho¬†also excitingly danced when Red Velvet performing ‘Russian Roulette’ on stage. Suho just can’t control himself and danced along (highlight was he danced with a poker face), the members even dragged him back to the seat.

EXO-L also seems to be used to the leader who just can’t control himself to dance towards the girl group’s song.

Lastly, did you guys remember the classic cover dance by Suho? During 2014 SMTOWN, Suho, Changmin, Khyuhyun and Minho wore the female¬†costumes and danced Girl’s Day’s ‘Something’. Fans even called Suho as Jun Hee (Suho’s real name is Kim Jun Myeon).