So Ji Sub’s movie Battleship Island is now officially aired in cinemas and he started his busy schedule in promoting the movie.

Battleship Island talks about the story during the Japanese colonial era and 400 labours who were forced to work and trying to escape the island. And So Ji Sub will be starring as the top fighter, Choi Chil Sung.

When mentioning Battleship Island, we will not forget to relate to Song Joong Ki. And before the movie premiere, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo announced their marriage, so this has been the focus. The journalist teases So Ji Sub and asks whether he’s envy against Song Joong Ki who will be marrying soon. So Ji Sub smiley answered: I have been asked for several times, I have no confidence on marriage yet, although I have the age which able to become a parent but I’m still lacking. The collaboration between Song Joong Ki was perfect and he is such a great man on set!”

“If I married, I hope to have a daughter for my first child, just like the daughter of senior Hwang Jung Min’s Kim Soo-ahn. If my son’s characteristics are similar as me, he would be boring, as I am used to living alone, so I did not have passion towards my parents,” he added.

Photo source: Battleship Island