“Recently many people wished me, I’m not sure whether they are wishing for my new movie or congratulating me on my marriage”, said Song Joong Ki.

Movie Battleship Island finally aired in cinemas starting from 26 July, and as the main lead of the movie, Soong Joong Ki received an interview to promote the movie. During the interview, he discussed the behind the story while filming the movie, his current updates and also the sweet moments between him and his fiancee, Song Hye Gyo.

Song Joong Ki back to the big screen after 5 years and Battleship Island is the first movie after he discharged from the military. The movie focus has transferred to his marriage which will be held in October.

When he heard the questions about his fiancee, Song Hye Gyo, Song Joong Ki said: “I still feel strange to being address as the ‘Groom-to-be’, I think I will feel unrealistic until the date of my wedding. Many people came forward and said ‘Congratulations’ which I feel really grateful. I will do more great things, although it sounds so grand but this is through my heart (sincere).”

“Actually I wanted to announce my marriage after Battleship Island premiered, but as things happen, I think a lot and discussed with Hye Gyo and decided to announce our marriage. Because it was during the movie promotion period, so the news is focusing on me and I feel so sorry for the whole production team. But marriage is one of the biggest things in my life, so I don’t want to hear any fake rumours about me and Hye Gyo. So, we announced after the discussion, actually, we were very worried that day.”

Song Joong Ki’s marriage not only shocking the public but also to the fans and those who were most shock about the news were his celebrity friends. “Recently I received lots of wishes, but I don’t know they are congratulating my new movie or my marriage. Yesterday, Lee Kwang Soo sent me a message and said ‘You are getting married’, maybe Kwang Soo drank alcohol, so he can’t believe I’m getting married soon.”

Song Joong Ki also revealed that Song Hye Gyo influenced him a lot, and recently he began to focus on charity and even donate to the charity house. I have the thought not only because of movie Battleship Island which gave me a new understanding of history but also influenced by my fiancee. “She’s my senior, co-worker, have lots of views, not only as an actor but also as a person who I need to learn more about. We often chatting and have learnt the positive values, moving forward will continue to learn.”

Marriage is always a sensitive topic to the top stars, and Song Joong Ki said he also has the thought, “but what’s more important than this is because of Song Hye Gyo then I have this thought, she’s really good and is the partner who I want to spend in rest of my life.”

As the wedding date is approaching, Song Joong Ki answered his idol in marriage. He revealed is brother Cha Tae Hyun, “I grow by watching Cha Tae Hyun’s movie, I think he’s the most handsome actor in Korea. I really respect him, he takes good care and love his family, at the same time, very professional towards his work, he’s the person who I need to learn from.” Journalist then mentioned that Cha Tae Hyun is now a dad of 3 children, then Song Joong Ki answered: “I will think about this slowly after the wedding.”