Hope Yuri’s will comeback healthy with Girls’ Generation’s members. Looking forward to their comeback on 7 August~

Yesterday, SM TOWN concert held at Tokyo and after the concert ended, SNSD’s Yuri then posted a video of her right ankle with heavy bandage, she wrote: “I pulled a ligament in my leg, but don’t worry that much as I will recover soon, as I have Sone, thank you for being with us all the time.”

Today, SM responded: “SNSD’s member, Yuri’s right ankle ligament is weaker, that is just to protect the ankle and put on the ice pack after her performances, will not affect SNSD’s comeback.”

This year welcomes the 10th Anniversary of SNSD, and is confirmed the released 6th full album ‘Holiday Night’ on 7 August and the individual teasers have released one by one. Holiday Night will include 10 songs and 2 title songs, ‘All Night’ and ‘Holiday’. Sone are looking forward to their comeback right?

Photo source: SM Entertainment