This summer, Starbucks Korea’s water bottles are based on purple colour and stars.

Starbucks Korea will release limited edition in each season and whenever there’s special event/day. Each season, when they released the limited series, many people will be queuing to grab it. This year summer, the Sky Summer series water bottles are really nice!

The design mostly is based on purple colour and the star logo and this tumbler will shine when the water is filled. This plastic water bottleĀ is with a mixture of blue and purple colour).


The tumbler’s design is the same which is purple and star logo.

Additionally, there is pink Sky series, which girls mostly will like. The pink colour that perfectly suits the Summer season.

And the popular ones are features the little bear at the cap of the water bottle! Isn’t it too cute..?

Every time when Starbucks released limited series, it sells really fast. So those who are going to Korea, you may try your luck to grab one as souvenir!

Photo source: IG@wldud_xox, Starbucks Korea official website