KBS 2TV’s drama ‘Fight For My Way’ has ended in early July and the main actress, Kim Ji Won has received an interview and talks about the collaboration between Park Seo Joon and Choi Woo Sik. Check out what she has said!

Kim Ji Won and Park Seo Jeon have shown the perfect couple in the drama and Korea even started the ‘bestie’ trend. Kim Ji Won the compared her previous collaboration with Jin Goo in drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’. She said: “Senior Jin Goo and I have 12 years age difference. To me, he is the senior and also a brother who I can learn a lot from. However, this time collaboration with Park Seo Joon has brought different feelings.” “If I have a bestie like Dongman that would be great, the collaboration with Park Seo Joon is really great. He is really tall, so the couple atmosphere is stronger right. The atmosphere is great too while filming, Park Seo Joon gave the feeling of the neighbourhood brother, we get along naturally. There’s a scene where Aera kissed Dongman and hope Dongman did not get hurt during the competition. The feeling of that scene is great where the couple worried and encourage each other. This scene really fluttered our heart.”

When talked about Choi Woo Sik who made a special appearance in drama Fight For My Way, Kim Ji Won said: “although is special appearance, but the existence is really strong. When I knew the truth, I felt really sad maybe is get along with each other for some time.”

After ending the drama Fight For My Way, Kim Ji Won will take a short break and start the filming of her new movie, Detective K: 3.