As one of the famous Korea University graduate student, Song Joong Ki not only studied-well but also received lots of compliment from the fans and some even set him as the role model. But when many people praised him for his positive image, he then pointed out another person?

Recently, Song Joong Ki is promoting his new movie, Battleship Island and had received an interview. The journalist said: “Many people praise you for ‘decent consistent image.”, but he immediately shook his head to show his disagreement and said: “Isn’t this describing Park Bo Gum?”

Song Joong Ki has a deeper thought on these compliments. He said: “I don’t know if I am the best, and I not sure the criteria to make the judgement. “As for the positive image, many people think I have a positive image but I will not set it as “the words that able to help the actor, Song Joong Ki.” The straightforward and honest answers have shown people on his inner and outer self.

Many of us know that Song Joong Ki cares for his junior, Park Bo Gum. Both actors are humble and taking care of each other on work. When Park Bo Gum received the award, Song Joong Ki is happier than himself receiving an award. This is such a lovely senior-junior!

Photo source: Blossom