Recently, fans of G-Dragon bumped into G-Dragon and was rejected when asking to take a photo with him so the fans just secretly took the photo of GD. But G-Dragon’s kind gesture has come to light.

G-Dragon is now having solo US world tour ‘ACT III, M.O.T.T.E’ and after he ended his world tour in New York, he went for a meal.

On 30 July, the fans posted on Instagram and stated that he bumped into G-Dragon when having dinner at a Ramen restaurant in New York. He wanted to take a photo with him but unable to do so due to the bodyguards around G-Dragon, so he just secretly took a photo and uploaded it.

But, when he and his friends wanted to leave the restaurant then they realised that G-Dragon has actually paid for their dinner! He said not able to say thank you to him but he’s really grateful~ Although not able to take a photo with him but able to have the dinner which paid by G-Dragon is great as well!

Not only this, actually G-Dragon has many kind gestures to his friends. Previously when he had fans meeting in Japan, the fans told G-Dragon that day was her birthday, then G-Dragon said he did not prepare any presents so he sent his perfume as a present to the fans. Another was the brand event which G-Dragon spent 2 Days 1 Night with the fans. The fans asked G-Dragon what perfume he used, the smell is really nice, so when the event ended, the gift bags include G-Dragon’s favourite perfume. Not only after, YG released GD perfume which inspired by him.

Photo source: GD IG, internet